Safe Car Park Application

ICAC’s Safe Car Park Program is designed to provide safe overnight parking for individuals and families who are living out of their cars.

Minor auto repair, ticket, and DMV registration support is provided (depending on funding), along with access to the Dignity on Wheels Shower and Laundry Truck every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm. We will also provide access to care packages as often as needed, including clothing (depending on funding).

Please click here to review requirements and ICAC Safe Car Park Rules.

If interested in the ICAC Safe Car Parking Program, please fill out the application form below to begin the first step in the application process. Next steps will include collecting vehicle registration, insurance, driver's license, phone/in-person interviews, and additional paperwork if necessary.

The ICAC Safe Car Park program sites include:

ICAC Hub/West Side Missionary Baptist Church, 732 Willow Street, Oakland

Center Street Baptist Church, 940 Center Street, Oakland

Corinthians Baptist Church, 928 Castro Street, Oakland

Williams Chapel Baptist Church, 1410 10th Ave, Oakland

For donations, please click here or mail a check including the purpose of the donation to:

ICAC Hub 732 Willow Street, Oakland, CA 94607

For general information about ICAC or for Safe Car Park program opportunities contact, Rev. Ken Chambers, at 510-239-6681.

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