Interfaith Council of Alameda County | I.C.A.C


The mission of the Interfaith Council of Alameda County (ICAC) is to promote mutual respect, understanding and engagement among the diverse faith traditions in Alameda County, California; mobilize people to serve the community; support religious liberties; promote interfaith organizations and activities; and build a just and moral community.

ICAC is a vibrant new organization of faith-based congregations, faith-based organizations, and spiritually minded individuals that reflects and represents the broad and diverse interests of the interfaith community. 

Although founded recently, already ICAC has stood in opposition to racial and religious bigotry, violence and hatred, voiced opposition to a Muslim ban and support for a ban on assault rifles, stood in vigil in remembrance of victims of mass shootings, played a significant role, including focused meetings with the Oakland mayor and with several county supervisors, in organizing congregations to address the needs of the county’s homeless population, promoted county-wide interfaith events, and participated with local community organizations in the distribution of food to the less fortunate. 


Current Board of Directors of the Interfaith Council of Alameda County

Rev. Ken Chambers | Founder & President

Rev. Jim Hopkin | Vice President

Rev. Demitrius Barnett | Treasurer

Helen Wyman | Secretary

Jehan Hakim

Rev. Thomas Harris

Steven Falk

Jasjit Singh Dhanoa

Brandon Remson

 Elected Council

Anne Olivia Eldred

Blasé Bova 

Bruce Quan Jr. 

Rev. Chuncey Mathews

Rabbi Dev Noily 

Frances Aubrey  

Elder Jack D. Crossley

Father Jay Mathews 

Rev. Laurie Manning

Rev. Mike Yoshii 

Moina Shaiq 

Steven Falk