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The mission of the Interfaith Council of Alameda County (ICAC) is to promote mutual respect, understanding and engagement among the diverse faith traditions in Alameda County, California; mobilize people to serve the community; support religious liberties; promote interfaith organizations and activities; and build a just and moral community.


The Interfaith Council of Alameda County is deeply committed to the principle of religious liberty for all. Thus, we are disappointed by the June 26th ruling of the Supreme Court upholding the travel restrictions on persons from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen Somalia, Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. Noting President Trump's use of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric and the fact that six of the eight countries are predominately Muslim, we are concerned that this ruling will embolden anti-Muslim sentiment and place our Muslim neighbors at greater risk of religious persecution and personal attack. Thus, as the Fourth of July approaches, we call on the faith communities of Alameda County to speak out on the importance of religious liberty to the well being of our country and find ways to stand in solidarity with those who are potential victims of bigotry and hate



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